Kaffee KangKaffee Kang, Painter

"Red hair and green eyes, Gen-X or Baby Boomer, cool or nerdy - these are all identifiers that describe who we are. Some are more useful and accurate than others. Some we are born with and others are acquired. Some we are proud of and others we want to shed.


Much of my recent work explores identity, in its many facets. My still lifes use curated objects to examine the dynamics between individual and group identities. My current figurative work explores the fine line between no one and someone, anonymity and intimacy."

Essentially a self taught painter, Kaffee has a unique style that defies classification. She prefers to paint from life and not from photographs or imagination. Spanning a wide range of subject matter, her work is colorful and quirky. Her paintings are held in private collections and have been exhibited at the following venues:

  • 21st Annual Francis N. Roddy Open Competition, 2020

      Concord Center for Visual Arts, Concord, MA

  • Members Juried 1, 2020 

      Concord Center for Visual Arts, Concord, MA

  • Winter Member Show, 2020

      Maryland Federation of Art Juried Competition​

      Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD

  • "re/seeing HUMDRUM", 2019

      Gallery Twist​​, Lexington, MA

  • 20th Annual Francis N. Roddy Open Competition, 2019

      Concord Center for Visual Arts, Concord, MA

  • "Strokes of Genius", 2018

      Maryland Federation of Art Open Competition

      Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD

  • 15th Annual Francis N. Roddy Open Competition, 2015

      Concord Center for Visual Arts, Concord, MA        

Joe McGillJoe McGill, Woodturner

"For many years, my creative efforts were focused on 'flat board' work, i.e., furniture design and construction. While I derived great pleasure from producing fine joinery and handsome, functional pieces, I found the process limiting. On a whim, I purchased a used lathe and was immediately captivated. I love everything about the process of taking a piece of wood from a storm-felled tree and turning it into a functional or decorative object. Chainsawing a block of wood to discover and assess what it has to offer; mounting the piece on the lathe to take advantage of those characteristics; the lubrication of the cutting edge by the water in the wood; and the movement of my body as the tool shapes what the wood wants to be, are all captivating to me."

Joe is a past president of Central New England Woodturners. He has taught woodturning at the Lincoln-Sudbury Adult Education program. His work is displayed in many homes and used by many families, across the country. He has exhibited at:

  • Arts Wayland Holiday Market, 2019

      The W Gallery, Wayland, MA

  • Arts Wayland Members Salon, 2019

      The W Gallery, Wayland, MA

  • Turning Wood: The Art of the Woodturner

      2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 

      Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

      Boston, MA

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